Southkey, Johor Bahru – Raffles Learning Hub is an English-based tuition centre near Southkey that offers a variety of premier tuition programmes for its students.

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It is run by a Singaporean management team comprising of veterans in the industry with more than 40 years of combined teaching experience. They bring the best of Singapore educational practices to Malaysia.

Students who study tuition near Southkey at Raffles Learning Hub enjoy the Singapore educational experience right here at Southkey, Johor Bahru.

Some of their top students include

  • Huiting: PSLE Aggregate 276, 4A* | Raffles Girls School
  • Marcus: PSLE Aggregate 271 | Maha Bodhi To Raffles Institution
  • Akrab: PSLE Aggregate 263, 3A* Temasek Primary School To Raffles Institution
  • Fabian: PSLE Aggregate 268 | Maha Bodhi To Raffles Institution
  • Hakeem: PSLE Aggregate 264 | Temasek Primary School To Raffles Institution
  • Sadiq: PSLE Aggregate 251 | Yumin Primary School to Victoria School
  • Jennifer: PSLE Math 29/100 to B
  • Faisal: IGCSE ‘O’-Levels : Add-Math F9 to A2 in 4 months

Testimonial by Student | His A-Math Went From F9 To A2 In 4 Months

I just graduated and for my Additional Math, I scored an A2. When I first started off, I was scoring about 20-30% which is about F9 to D7. He was coaching me really well so slowly I was pushing my grade up to about 50 then 60 then I was hitting 70 then 80%. In O-levels, it turned out pretty well and I managed to score an A2. If you are struggling for A-Math now, I will highly recommend you to join Raffles because evidently all the coaching and guidance has helped me get through this difficult year where I wasn’t doing really well for my A-Math and eventually I scored well so that’s all thanks to Raffles so I will strongly recommend you guys to join here.

– Faizal, Beatty Secondary School

Raffles Learning Hub provides tuition near Southkey to prepare students for the following programmes.

tuition near southkey

> Checkpoint Preparatory Tuition near Southkey

At Raffles Learning Hub, students will gain the necessary exposure and practice required to excel and perform for their Checkpoint Exams. More importantly, they will gain the confidence necessary for them to do well in the upper secondary levels.

AEIS Preparatory Tuition near Southkey

At the tuition centre near Southkey, Johor Bahru, students get all the practice they need to sit for their AEIS with confidence. They undergo rigorous training and drill exercises to ensure that they are able to pass their AEIS examinations and gain admission into local schools in Singapore.

> iPSLE Preparatory Tuition near Southkey

Raffles Learning Hub students also practice for iPSLE exam with them at the centre for tuition near Southkey, Johor Bahru. The management comes with more than 30 years of experience guiding primary school students towards achieving their best for their PSLE examinations.

> IGCSE ‘O’- Levels Tuition near Southkey

The tuition classes are all based on the Singapore syllabus. Students get the sufficient practice they need to excel and deliver results at the centre for tuition near Southkey.

> Homeschooling Programme near Southkey

tuition near southkey

The Homeschooling programme ensures students get the best of Singapore syllabus to prepare them for IGCSE ‘O’ levels. Students enjoy full air-conditioned rooms, with 24/7 security to ensure their safety. The centre for tuition near Southkey’s premises come equipped with a private pool, cafe, gym and basketball court.

Classes for tuition near Southkey, Johor Bahru are taught by experienced tutors under the supervision of their Singapore management team.

Your child will benefit from the following when they study at their centre for tuition near Southkey, Johor Bahru.

Singapore Educational Standards

Teachers are all either Singaporeans or have been trained in the Singaporean methodologies of teaching. They understand the intricacies and standards expected of conducting tuition classes according to the Singapore education standard.

Customised classes

All students enjoy customised growth plans that are individually planned out. The growth plans chart the student’s progress and includes milestones and respective checkpoints. Exercises and practices are customised to ensure optimum takeaway from the student.

Individualised attention

Teachers ensure that each respective student will benefit from individualised attention. This means that the individual students will be continually assessed and diagnosed according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Small class sizes

Raffles Learning Hub believes that a child will benefit most from small class sizes. This ensures that the child will feel comfortable and not have any problems asking questions where necessary.

tuition near Southkey

Classes at the centre for tuition near Southkey will help prepare your children to be the best students they can be.
Give your child the best tuition he or she deserves.

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