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Top In Class For Primary 2 Chinese

Dear Teacher, first of all, we would like to say “A Big Thank You” for all the teaching and coaching of my daughter with her Chinese lessons. Since we are non- Chinese speaking parents, it was a struggle for us to choose Chinese as a mother tongue subject for our daughter.
We are happy to see her top her class for Chinese in Primary 2 final assessment. Thank you.

chinese tuition primary

-Mr Koko, Parent of May from Boon Lay Garden

Top her class in Chinese for 2018 SA2


Raffles Edulab is all we needed!

Our daughter Nuo Nuo was educated in Henan Province, China since she was ready for school. She’s now 8 years old.  We decided to relocate her and enroll into Singapore mainstream school. Helping her to catch up with the English & Math standards in Singapore were obviously of paramount importance.

Nuo Nuo began with no English background at all and we gave Raffles Edulab the deadline, end November, just 4-5 months to get our girl ready for Primary 1 exams. It was instantly an uphill task for the centre and teachers and seemingly impossible to achieve. However, they assured us that the centre will do it’s best to help.

Every 2 - 4 weeks, the centre will take initiatives to provide progress review sessions and feedback to us on Nuo Nuo’s learning. The approximately 30 minutes session was definitely engaging, helpful and clear with next course of actions, showing greater and even greater progress each time. At the same time they provided advice on how we could do our revisions at home which would be helpful to speed up her learning.

A couple of Teachers like Ms Ashwin is very helpful and skilled to help our daughter progress fast. Overtime, the centre as well as Ms Ashwin were quick to suggest solutions to address our concerns quickly, giving us a peace of mind on our worries.

Today, our daughter has shown tremendous improvement, speaking English in short sentences and able to read short stories all by herself, attempt English questions without much fear, but instead with obvious interests and enthusiasm to try one after another assessment.

Looking back, the centre has a methodology and they spend time to tweak and adjust to different individual needs.  It has proven to us that it works effectively, despite the extremely short time frame given to them.

-Maggie Loh, Parent of Guo Yinuo

E8 to A2 for O-Levels E-Math

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When I did my O’s in 2017, I got an E8. However, by attending Mr Hakeem’s math lessons, I realized how manageable Math was. Mr Hakeem’s teaching allows me to better understand the formulas and the thinking behind it, he will also follow up every topic with practices so as to help me recall what I have learnt. Hence, with all the teaching and practices, I managed to score an A2 in my O levels in 2018. Thank you Mr Hakeem for always being there to help me in my journey and also for the patience whenever I did not understand the question.

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-Iman, O-Level student

E8 to A2, 2018

His A-Math Went From F9 To A2 In 4 Months

I just graduated and for my Additional Math, I scored an A2. When I first started off, I was scoring about 20-30% which is about F9 to D7. He was coaching me really well so slowly I was pushing my grade up to about 50 then 60 then I was hitting 70 then 80%. In O-levels, it turned out pretty well and I managed to score an A2. If you are struggling for A-Math now, I will highly recommend you to join Raffles because evidently all the coaching and guidance has helped me get through this difficult year where I wasn't doing really well for my A-Math and eventually I scored well so that's all thanks to Raffles so I will strongly recommend you guys to join here.

- Faizal, Beatty Secondary School

F9 to C6 for O-levels E-Math in 2 months

Hi, my name is Rameeza. I am from Serangoon Garden Secondary School and I just graduated. I got a C6 for my E-Math. When I first started off, I was getting F9 for my E-Math. In 2 months, I was able to jump 3 grades with lots of coaching and help from my teacher, Mr Hakeem. Thanks to Raffles Edulab and Mr Hakeem.

-Rameeza, O-Level student

F9 to C6 in 2 months, 2018




My child really loves it here because the teachers, Teacher Citra and Teacher Angela are very friendly. They treat the kids very well. The class sizes are not big so the teachers can take care of individual needs. For example, if he can't draw, the teachers can teach him one on one. In this aspect I think the school is great. I feel that this place, the environment and the teaching resources are really great including the toys. Also the teaching methods that are utilised are receptive to the kids. The most important factor is still that the teachers like the kids and the kids like the teachers.

- Leona, Mother of Brad, Preschooler

Homework Club


I have two kids and I send them for the Homework Club. What I will do every morning before work is I will send them and I will fetch them after work. I know that they are very well taken care of. They even have lunch, food and enrichment from the teachers to prepare them for school. And they also have rests and naps. I feel assured that they are safe here. I really love Raffles because my kids love it here.

Aisha, Mother of Two Kids in Homework Club


At home, Roshan always used to use Tamil for talking but after coming to Raffles, his English communication skills has improved very well. He started communicating and interacting with us in English. Also his motor skills it was not very good, but after coming  to Raffles, after all the activities in school, his motor skills also improved and he started writing ABC and numbers as well.

- Mother of Roshan, Preschooler


Last year, I sent my daughter for AEIS tuition at Raffles Edulab. This year, the results came out and she passed. Now, she is going to school at Bukit Timah Primary School. Thank you Raffles Edulab for helping my daughter to enter primary school in Singapore. 

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- Mdm Shilpi, Mother of Purnata Chowdhury

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